Welcome to Cherry Brook Primary School

Cherry Brook Primary School is a Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 3 school with approximately 450 students nestled within the lovely hills of Canton. We actively support students in their academic learning, and social development.   Cherry Brook Primary School is a special place where students are valued, there are high learning expectations, and a strong partnership between home and school. 

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From the Principal

One of our school goals this year is to promote kindness. While students at Cherry Brook consistently make good choices with their behavior, as a school we investigated ways that we could maintain similar expectations in all areas of the school with common language.  At the start of the year, we clarified the three expectations (Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Responsible) and all classes taught and practiced how these expectations would look throughout the school.  This is all a part of our PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) initiative to maintain an upbeat school climate.

Another component of PBIS is giving positive recognition to students that are modeling our school expectations.  Students can be given a “High Five” from staff members for following any of the expectations.  A High Five is a paper accolade that has the student’s name on it and the school expectation being exemplified is circled.  Students then post the High Five in their classrooms.  Once a class receives a total of 50 High Fives they have a celebration to honor this achievement.  These have ranged from playing games to a pajama party to crazy hair day.  We chose to highlight class achievements to help students see their importance within the class and reinforce the shared responsibility of being a positive community member.

I hope your children have come home talking about the High Fives.  Feel free to discuss with them how they earned the High Five, how their actions were linked to the school expectations and how did they feel to know they were making the right choices.  Also, if you are looking for family conversation, you can ask your child about how the class is doing earning High Fives and what kinds of positive behaviors do they see throughout the school day.

It’s great to be part of a school community that has such a wonderful environment yet continually looks for ways to grow.  We appreciate your ongoing support and willingness to work with us to make the best possible experiences for our children.


Andy Robbin