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Cherry Brook Primary School is a Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 3 school with approximately 450 students nestled within the lovely hills of Canton. We actively support students in their academic learning, and social development.   Cherry Brook Primary School is a special place where students are valued, there are high learning expectations, and a strong partnership between home and school. 

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From the Principal

Dear CBPS Families and Community Members,

Happy New Year!  I hope your children shared what a great first week of 2016 we had at Cherry Brook.

As mentioned in previous correspondences, our main entrance was reconfigured over the winter break.  We thank all of you for your patience and flexibility as we have adjusted to our routines to our new and improved set-up.  Having used the adjustments the past week, I want to remind you of our changes.  In addition, any information in red is a new change based on feedback over the past week.  Most of the changes are around the morning procedures to ensure a safe, supervised entrance.

Access during the school day: In order to gain entrance during the school day you are to be buzzed in from the outside of the building. Once you are granted entry from the outside, there is another row of doors so please proceed to the door in front of the office where you will again need to be buzzed in.  Once in the office, you will follow the same sign-in procedures as in the past.  To gain access to the main part of the building, you will proceed through a new door in the office to the hallway. When exiting the building, you need to come back through the office and sign out.

Students being dropped off by parents in the morning: Students are expected to be in their classroom at the official start of the school day which is 8:35 AM.  It takes some time for the kids to get to their classrooms, so you should arrive earlier.  If there are no staff members outside to greet your car, you need to park and walk your child into the office.  

-        8:15 – 8:30 AM - Morning drop off begins.  Drop off can use our “curb side service” in the circle or park in a legal parking space and walk your child to the flag pole.  If you arrive prior to 8:15 AM, you will need to wait with your child either in your car or in our foyer.

-        8:30 AM - Curbside service in the circle ends.

-        8:30 – 8:35 AM – Park in a legal parking space and walk your child into the building where you are greeted by a staff member (most likely me).

-        After 8:35 AM, you will need to sign your child into the office as they are tardy.

Parent Pick-Up at the end of the day (3:20):  Parents who choose to pick up their children at dismissal time (3:20) will wait in the foyer area between the main doors and the hallway doors until right before dismissal.  At that time, a staff member will open the doors and you will proceed to the gym for parent pick-up.

Again, I wanted to share any changes in procedures and will continue to do so if we make any other modifications.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Andy Robbin