Welcome to Cherry Brook Primary School

Cherry Brook Primary School is a Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 3 school with approximately 450 students nestled within the lovely hills of Canton. We actively support students in their academic learning, and social development.   Cherry Brook Primary School is a special place where students are valued, there are high learning expectations, and a strong partnership between home and school. 

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From the Principal

Thank you for an amazing start of the school year.  Each day, I feel lucky to be able to be with positive students that are excited to be in school and ready to learn.  The teachers are building communities that are supportive of learning and are working with each individual so they can continue to grow academically, socially and emotionally.  I also want to thank you for sending us such wonderful children and trusting us that we will do our best with your child.

In order to maintain the best possible learning experience for children, we look to improve our own practice as a school each year.  To do so, we create a Continuous Improvement Plan to provide an overview of the development, implementation and execution of our school goals in a comprehensive, unified, reflective manner. By analyzing our student information and various surveys, we have determined the following goals help us maintain our focus for growth and continued development to optimize student achievement.

Below is an outline of our three main goals with a few selected, specific steps that we will be utilizing to meet each of these objectives.

Goal #1: Students will improve their learning in the area of reading.

  • Continue to implement newly published Reader’s Workshop Units

  • Continue to build literature resources appropriate to students’ reading levels to support all curricula areas including modifying how students have access to classroom libraries

  • Better use of assessments to inform instruction

  • Share strategies with parents to assist with reading with their children

  • Incorporate technology and on-line resources within language arts.  

  • Increase weekly media block for all grades.

Goal #2: Students will improve in the area of writing.

  • Development of writing data goals for each grade level.

  • Continue to implement Writer’s Workshop Units.

  • Calibrate scoring with student writing

  • Share strategies with parents to enhance writing

  • Incorporate more technology within language arts, particularly use of ChromeBooks and Google platform.

Goal #3: Students will treat each other with kindness

  • Continue common expectation for student behavior

  • Cultivate a shared vision as to expectations through mission statement

  • Begin year 1 of Positive Behavior Interventions and Strategies (PBIS) implementation

  • Continued use of Responsive Classroom

We continually look for ways to make sure each child has the best educational experience possible.  The full plan will be shared at the November 10th Board of Education meeting to be held at CBPS.  Thank you for being a part of Cherry Brook and for sharing your child with us.

Andy Robbin