Welcome to Cherry Brook Primary School

Cherry Brook Primary School is a Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 3 school with approximately 450 students nestled within the lovely hills of Canton. We actively support students in their academic learning, and social development.   Cherry Brook Primary School is a special place where students are valued, there are high learning expectations, and a strong partnership between home and school. 

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From the Principal

At Cherry Brook this year, one of our focus areas is having students self-reflect by linking their learning to a larger context.  To accomplish this, we have been utilizing the Canton School District’s “Canton Community Expectations for Learning”.  This was developed by the district to provide a unified vision of what we expect our students to learn through their schooling.  The Canton Community Expectations for Learning (CCEL) states:

All Canton Students will graduate ready for college, career, and life success as demonstrated by the ability for:

  • Rigorous, critical and logical reasoning
  • Innovative thinking for authentic problem solving
  • Effective communication and collaboration
  • Community engagement and socially responsible citizenship

Our first step has been defining the CCEL in child-friendly terms.  Students may not have initially known what rigorous means but with guidance, they now understand that it means hard work or trying something a few different ways until you are successful.  Once students understand the terms, teachers and students identify work they are doing in class that match up with these expectations.  For example, if students are working in a partnership to develop a science idea, students will recognize that they are working collaboratively.  Or if they are sharing about an outside of school experience, they are effectively communicating their ideas.  Finally, students are able to see how these traits positively impact their learning and can recognize how the efforts they have made matches up with the CCEL.  In addition, teachers spend time giving feedback on the student work as well as the process in meeting the CCEL.  For example, students reflect on how they worked collaboratively or what it felt like to be socially responsible and the impact on the greater good.

It’s funny writing this how complex it seems when our teachers and students make it look so easy!  Being in many classrooms, kids naturally share with me the work they are doing and how it will help them in life.  To have 5 year olds say they are working rigorously as they have to figure out how to stretch a word for their writing piece is a joy to watch.  We hope your kids have been sharing their exciting work and reflections with you as well!

Andy Robbin