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Overarching Belief:

The Canton Athletic Department is committed to the pursuit of the highest standard of character, growth through perseverance and a broad understanding of sportsmanship and teamwork.


We provide an environment for student-athletes to develop leadership skills and grow into positive role models.

We encourage student-athletes to know the difference between the right and wrong thing to do, promoting integrity throughout the athletic experience.

We understand that athletics is an integral part of the educational system because of the values that can only be learned in competitive environments.


We support student-athletes in multiple opportunities to achieve success, with the knowledge that passion and persistence build the confidence and leadership needed to meet challenges throughout life.

We challenge student-athletes to push beyond their limits while providing them the support and resources they need in order to succeed.

We encourage student-athletes to grow through adversity as individuals but also together as a team.

Sportsmanship and Teamwork

We promote the highest standards of sportsmanship, emphasizing winning with humility and losing with grace.

We offer varied opportunities for student-athletes to develop their ability to communicate, cooperate, and work together to solve problems.

We strive to provide a sense of pride when participating in athletics for the student-athletes but also for the rest of the school and community.

We support student-athletes participating in high school athletics for social development and the pursuit of excellence.

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Contact Information

Kim Hirth, CMAA
Athletic Director
(860) 693-7713 work
(860) 212-6184 cell

Ashley Sylvester
Athletic Trainer
(860) 693-7707 ex. 7027