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Community Workshops

Canton Community Workshops for K-12 families

In partnership with the Farmington Valley Health District, Canton Public Schools is proud to bring a series of Community Workshops to parents, families, and community members. 

  Episode 3 - The Anxious Child

March 8, 2023


"Justine Ginsberg will explore factors that affect students' mental health and contribute to anxiety. She will present thoughtful support solutions and provide resources for support at home and in the community."


The Anxious Child - Justine's Slides

Student Assistance Program for 7th-12th graders

Helpful Websites

Help Guide - Mental Health and Wellness

The Youth Mental Health Project

Tools for anxiety management:

Coping Skills for Kids

Worry Wise Kids


Apps for devices

Common Sense Media - Kids Mental Health Apps

  Episode 2 - Social Media and the Minds of Our Children

February 1, 2023



"Justine Ginsberg will discuss student use of social media platforms and the impact of these platforms on their social emotional health, their self perception and their learning.

She will offer suggestions for parents to support healthy, appropriate access to the internet and social media for their children."


Social Media and the Minds of Our Children - Justine's slides

Common Sense Media - Parenting, Media, and Everything in Between

Staying Safe on Social Media, A Guide for Parents and Caregivers

  Episode 1 - Navigating a Hybrid Reality: Students and Their Relationships 

  November 14, 2023



Justine Ginsberg will present on the topics of bullying, behavior, habits and relationships in our increasingly digital and connected world. 

Canton Community Resources