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Math Department


The world of work requires mathematical knowledge to maintain productivity and economic viability. The demands of citizenship require a mathematically literate population able to respond intelligently as problem solvers. Mathematics is part of the culture in which we live and an appreciation of that culture helps enhance the quality of life for all citizens. The impact of technology in the form of calculators and computers has made mathematics more important than ever and finally accessible to all. In light of this, students must have a basic understanding of mathematical concepts to be successful. They need to develop sound reasoning ability. Reasoning is the road to knowledge and mathematics is the key to reasoning. Reaching a logical conclusion involves creative thought, analysis and critical judgment. In addition, our students must be able to transfer skills from other academic areas to communicate mathematical ideas and solutions effectively in both oral and written form. It is the power, the beauty, and the excitement of mathematics that we want our students to experience. "I hear, and I forget; I see, and I remember; I do, and I understand."


  • Gabrielle Aitchison, Chairperson
  • Jeff Aureli
  • Eric Deegan
  • Jeanne Holian
  • Cecile Mancini
  • James Schirber

Canton High School Math Offerings

Grade 8

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12



Algebra I A

Geometry or

Geometry and Data Analysis

Algebra IB

Algebra II or 

Adv. Algebra with Financial Applications or


Algebra I

Geometry or

Geometry and Data Analysis

Algebra II

Precalculus or

Probability & Statistics or

AP Statistics

Algebra I


or Honors Geometry

Algebra II

or Honors Algebra II


or Honors Precalculus

Elective: AP Statistics

Probability & Statistics or

AP Calculus or

AP Statistics or

Honors Calculus