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Pupil Personnel Services

Canton Public Schools - Department of Pupil Personnel Services Mission Statement

The Canton Public School System is committed to educating all students including those who meet the criteria for eligibility for special education services according to the Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). We believe that all students should receive free and appropriate educational services which enable them to develop to their full potential through the provision of specialized instruction, related services and accommodations. We are committed to meeting individual student needs through instructional efforts that focus on federal and state expectations to educate students in their home schools, in the least restrictive environment, in order to maximize access to the general education curriculum and to non-disabled peers.

Strongly committed to the concept of inclusion, the special education service models throughout the district have been developed to support this concept. At the same time, we believe that a continuum of placement options must be maintained to meet the unique and individual needs of our students.

We are also strongly committed to educating students through collaborative partnerships among families, educators, and service providers to ensure that all students are provided with a high-quality, comprehensive and equitable education which will enable our students to become confident, respected, productive and contributing citizens of our community, higher education and the workplace.

Adopted June 6, 2012

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