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School Information


Overarching Belief:

Canton High School is committed to the pursuit of lifelong learning with the highest standard of integrity, respect for individual points of view, and a broad understanding of community and global diversity, promoted through curiosity, collaboration, and perseverance.


  • We provide a challenging learning environment that engages independent learners in thinking, discovery and creativity, preparing our students to be productive in a dynamic and diverse global community.
  • We provide an engaging curriculum that encourages inquiry and creativity that promotes problem solving, innovation and deeper content area knowledge.
  • We offer students curricular choice and opportunities that are relevant to their individual passions and drive.
  • We encourage students to explore a rich variety of extracurricular activities that promote personal development, empathy for others, and informed respect for differences.


  • We offer varied opportunities for students to develop their ability to communicate, cooperate, and join together to solve problems.
  • We encourage the sharing of ideas and the perspectives of many in our courses and activities, always respecting individual differences.
  • We foster an environment of trust that enable creativity, teamwork, and progress, with the expectation that all contribute to the process and product.
  • We develop individual leaders who self-advocate and identify strengths in others while working together toward common goals.


  • We support students in multiple opportunities to achieve success, with the knowledge that passion and persistence build the confidence needed to meet continuing challenges.
  • We simultaneously challenge students with a rigorous curriculum while providing them the supports and resources they need in order to succeed.
  • We support a growth mindset by providing opportunities for students to push beyond their perceived abilities and talents.
  • We encourage each other to remain optimistic and motivated through struggle, as we foster a culture of initiative, self-advocacy, and determination.