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CBPS Distance Learning Plan

PK - 4 Protocols for Engaging in Appropriate Remote Learning

Be Safe

  • Act appropriately and in the manner of how you would behave in the classroom.  If it isn’t something you would say or do at school, then it is also something you shouldn’t do while online.
  • Make sure you are proud of what you share on-line as most posts stay online forever.
  • Have an adult nearby in case you need help.

Be Kind

  • Remember to be respectful of classmates and adults at all times.
  • Remember “The Golden Rule,” treating others the way you want to be treated.

Be Responsible

  • Continue practicing Whole Body Listening, just like when you’re in your classroom!
  • Do your best to listen, participate and follow our school expectations.
  • If you have questions about something - ask your teacher, they are here to help you!