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CHS Distance Learning Plan

A CHS teachers Phase 1 learning lesson plan may look like

Phase 1

  • Use Google Classroom to post daily work by 9am daily
    • Within that there is an assignment that is posted, it may have a short video, or a typed assignment
  • Google Meet What are the options that people can use in Google Meet? Are there approved extensions? What tips should people know when they use this and what must all teachers absolutely use when setting up a Google Meet meeting?
  • Screencast instructions
  • Further on, we will want a power users guide to the applications that we currently use. This should be collected and built upon as the products change.
  • All postings on the website should say “(updated on date)” when it changes so that teachers who revisit the change can see when we change something or when the vendor makes an update to the product.

Phase 2

Under development by Administration, we will post it as soon as we can.